Carol’s lectures involve a digital presentation as well as actual quilts.

BuranoHouses320WColor Inspirations

This talk focuses on intuitive use of color inspired by the natural world, illustrated by slides from my travels and quilts.



TrueColorsSue-320WConcocting Color

I will discuss a color theory based on a three dimensional “color cube” rather than a “color wheel.” This theory has led to my development of a “recipe” book of more than 1000 colors for Procion MX dyes. This way of thinking about color has many applications for the dyer, including how to understand neutral colors, the browns, tans, and grays, and their relationship to other colors. It will also give a visual reference for the results of overdyeing one color with another in resist processes such as batik or shibori. This is a color theory that is deliciously visual, and not so theoretical!

Cappucino320WFifteen Elements

What are the properties that underlie beauty in art, nature, and quilts? This talk looks at architect Christopher Alexander’s Nature of Order, and how his ground-breaking ideas on what defines and creates life-force in everything from micro-organisms to mountain ranges, persian carpets to office buildings, have a lot to say about design in quilts.