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Oh My Goodness! I have gotten a bit behind here, what with a lot of travel the last three months. Coupeville. Iceland. Vancouver. Reno. NYC. More on that later–because there’s news about our book! We have a title! We have a cover! And, we have a pre-order sale!

Playful Fabric Printing

Playful Fabric Printing, by Carol Soderlund and Melanie Testa, delves into printing on cloth with artist-made tools and thickened fiber-reactive dyes. 

For the beginning printmaker or the more experienced artist, we cover

  • the use of motif in print design
  • layering motifs for multi-colored prints
  • approachable artist-made tools as well as found object printing
  • cohesive color palette mixed from three primary colors of dye

Moreover, we share how all processes can be done without a large studio and printing equipment—a card table worth of space is sufficient!

For information on the pre-order sale with free shipping in the US (code SHIPFREEUS) check out this link:

I am so happy to send this effort out into the world. I am looking forward to seeing what you make of it, and from it!

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funmi Braide December 28, 2016, 4:17 am

Your workshops are simple and clear, exciting exercises and fascinating colour mixtures. I will like to be part of your workshop in 2017. Good job

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