Testing 1-2-3

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Collection of Procion MX dyes

How Good Are My Old Dyes? How good are my dyes? This is a question I am often asked, and a few months ago, Kay Sorensen emailed me with just that question. She was given some older dyes, and wanted to see what she could expect from them. I outlined for her a simple process [...]

Surprising Hues for Fall

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More from Arrowmont and the Great Smokies. Thistle and moss in the park and in the dyepot! Becky loves lavender, Elenor was inspired by the artichoke (which is an edible thistle after all), and Diana’s colors were straight from the mossy forest. The first post in this series from the True Colors workshop is here.

Winding Ways

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Fall Color In the Smokies

Recently I had the opportunity to teach True Colors: Developing Your Personal Palette at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It is a very enjoyable place to learn and to teach. The facilities are wonderful, as are the meals. I had a group of very hard-working and accomplished students, who were eager to jump into color. As [...]

It’s Not Just Black and White

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abstract black and white

This summer I had a visit with my new grandson, who is five months old in this photo.  One of the fascinations with babies is watching how they grow and develop. I am aware of the research that shows babies’ fascination with black and white patterning, and so I included a lot of that in [...]

The Rainbow Connection

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a double rainbow

I am in between trips, having just returned from Utah, and leaving shortly for Tennessee. It was a return trip for me to the wonderful Utah Surface Design Group, so I got to see some familiar faces and meet new friends too. The Dyeing to Discharge class was held in a spectacular setting in the [...]

A Sense of Place

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Sign on door at Lonaconing

This post is the second in a series about visiting the last intact silk mill in the US. For the first post in the series, click here. When entering the old mill, I was instantly wrapped in a sense of place, of people leaving and nature entering the old building and reclaiming it. Old crumbling [...]

Losing Color, Only To Find It Again

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discharge, color removal

I’m settling back in after teaching for two weeks at ProChemical and Dye in Massachusetts. The first week was Dyeing to Discharge, which I have mentioned here and here. Above, Martha Robinson discusses some of her work in the workshop. So many students did gorgeous work! For a participant’s perspective, see what Jeanne Marklin had to say about the [...]

Threads of Time

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old silk thread at Lonaconing

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to visit an incredible place, the last intact silk mill in the United States. Located in Western Maryland, in the middle of lush countryside, this mill stopped work in 1957, and has been for the most part abandoned ever since. A silk throwing mill twisted raw silk [...]