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Chromaticity: Flat and Glowing

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In the above photo, the glow is caused by the sun rising behind an “ice cube”–a large fragment of a glacier washing up on the black sand beach. In fabric, we don’t have the sun shining through our work, but we can still create glowing effects. This is one of the photos I took while traveling [...]

Layers Upon Layers at ProChemical & Dye

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screen printing with Procion MX Dyes

The second week at Pro-Chem was all about printing with thickened dyes. Layers Upon Layers is one fun class to teach, especially when I have such a terrific and willing group of 14 students! In no time at all we were prepping screens both big and small for our week-long adventure with silkscreens, thermofax screens, [...]

Mixing Up the Color

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hand-dyed cloth

The last month has been filled with teaching. First off, I traveled to Fairfield Iowa, the home of Blue Fish. They are an indie clothing company—all organic and natural fabrics, designed, made and sewn in the USA, and hand-printed right in Fairfield. They have a passionate following and group of collectors, reaching back 30 years. [...]

Layering in Florida

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Layered Printmaking

  Last week I was so fortunate to escape the never-ending snow and head to Florida to spend a week with the Fiber Forum, a group of embroiderers within the Embroiderer’s Guild of America. We dyed, we stitched, we screened, we waxed, we thermofaxed, we discharged—WE LAYERED IT ALL! See some of the students pieces. [...]

Wispy Webs

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spider web jewels

Update: As a relatively new blogger, I am still learning my way around. Today I discovered three posts that were scheduled to post in October, but didn’t! Obviously I need to learn about how to use the schedule feature! I hope you enjoy a bit of a blog blast today! So harken back to the [...]

An Island Paradise

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boats and reflections

Dreaming of an island paradise? That’s where we’ll be during the next  True Colors workshop! Those who received my newsletter know there is a special offer going on, and blog readers are eligible too! The island is located in Lake Superior, and the place– Madeline Island School of the Arts. I’ve heard nothing but the best [...]

Wax On; Wax Off

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Soy wax batik cloth

The phrase has come into our lexicon from the 1984 movie The Karate Kid (omg–it has been 30 years!) when the mild-mannered handyman who is also a Karate master teaches young Daniel the martial arts through cleaning and waxing his car. I became curious about the phrase and wondered if it had a deeper meaning. [...]