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Smiling Faces

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The face of discharge

Spring and summer passed in a blur of workshops, travel, and an intensive writing project. I am taking a bit of a deep breath before fall classes begin next month. In the next few blog posts, I hope to revisit some of the wonderful experiences of recent months. First up, my most recent workshops at [...]

The Rainbow Connection

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a double rainbow

I am in between trips, having just returned from Utah, and leaving shortly for Tennessee. It was a return trip for me to the wonderful Utah Surface Design Group, so I got to see some familiar faces and meet new friends too. The Dyeing to Discharge class was held in a spectacular setting in the [...]

Losing Color, Only To Find It Again

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discharge, color removal

I’m settling back in after teaching for two weeks at ProChemical and Dye in Massachusetts. The first week was Dyeing to Discharge, which I have mentioned here and here. Above, Martha Robinson discusses some of her work in the workshop. So many students did gorgeous work! For a participant’s perspective, see what Jeanne Marklin had to say about the [...]


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The creative possibilities of removing color from cloth continue to excite me. Illumination is one of the techniques I teach in my class called Dyeing to Discharge, which I mentioned in my last post. Simply put, it is the technique of replacing color — removing color and adding another at the same time. Above, Cindy [...]

The Mysteries of Color Removal

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The Discharge Bath

Coming up in early summer at ProChem is my course called Dyeing to Discharge. Evocative, mysterious shadows reveal themselves in discharge techniques. A variety of patterning techniques will be explored, as we learn about both oxidative discharge (bleach) and reductive discharge (Thiox and deColourant) on both cotton and silk. This is such a fun class [...]